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Design considerations= costs

The acrylic panels that Aquaplex Australia import are available in two standard sizes; 3000 x 2000mm or 5000 x 2000mm. We purchase the PLEXIGLAS acrylic at a varying per-kg rate which causes a price difference between the two available panel sizes. The 5000 x 2000mm panels also have longer manufacturing and curing times and increase shipping costs which contribute to the higher per kilo rate.
Aquaplex Australia's recommendation to designers and installers is to keep in mind these rates during the project’s design stage. For optimum cost efficiencies the client should try to range the viewing panels to a 0 – 3000mm length or expect that any viewing panels ranging 3001 – 5000mm length will be significantly higher in price.
For example: If we were cutting-to-size a 5000 x 2000mm panel to 3200 x 2000mm the off-cut waste of 1900 x 2000mm that we are left with would also be factored into the price plus the higher 5000 x 2000mm per kilo rate as outlined above.
For more information on acrylic panel size specifications and availability please feel free to contact Us.

Engineering certification

Aquaplex Australia have registered structural engineers at hand to certify your pool window project. Careful considerations are paramount to determining the thickness and safety of your project, all inclusive in the price.


We stock cast acrylic PLEXIGLAS sheets in sizes ranging upto 5m(L) x3m(W) x120mm (T), panel thickness is supplied in 10mm increments. Where a size larger than this is required, we will bond separate panels together to the requested size. These bonds are seemless to the eye and are as strong as the panel.
Supply time is dependant on panel size and stock availabilty, but generally 7 to 21 days. For more info on these processes please request.


Aquaplex Australias in house installers are specifically trained from commercial applications, experience and 35 years in the swimming pool industry. With Australian wide installations month after month, our competitive rates cannot be matched.
Working to meet your budget we adapt methods that are safe and budget consious. If you prefer to have confidence in the installation of your swimming pool window, request a no obligation quote today.

Polishing/ restoration

Occasionally we get requests to polish existing windows due to scratch damage or poor lustre.
We charge apon inspection of the job depending on the restoration required, Australia wide.

Acrylic Off Cut specials ‘wow-factor’ at budget prices

Aquaplex hold stock of off-cut acrylic panels ready for delivery. This maybe a cost effective way to create unique design features in your project. We are continuously adding off-cuts to our stock. Enquire within to get a list of off cut panel sizes available immediately.


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