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  • Creating a balance between aesthetics and function
  • Stylish.  Affordable.  Effective.
  • Stylish.  Affordable.  Effective.
  • Creating a balance between aesthetics and function

About Us

AquaPlex Australia is a large Australian company integrating the design, supply and installation of marine grade structural Acrylic pool windows. Our head office is located on the Gold coast, Qld, Australia, we supply only and supply and install throughout Australasia.

Established in 2009, We are celebrating 10 years in Pool windows and with over 35 years combined experience in swimming pool construction, Aquaplex Australia has become Australia’s preferred marine grade cast acrylic supply and install company. Our capabilities are extensive and cover all areas from flat panels, forming and bending of curved panels -bonding and annealing, engineering and installation. For safety and structural flexibility our acrylic cannot be surpassed, backed with a 30 year manufactures warranty. AquaPlex Australia has supplied and installed acrylic for various industry leaders with a detailed understanding of advanced aquarium projects and Clearwater pool window projects.

Acrylic is the industry preferred choice for aquarium and pool windows due to its outstanding optical clarity. Unlike glass pool windows, acrylic is perfectly clear and does not impart to green or coloured hues or de-laminate over time. Combine this clarity with the high impact resistance, durability and ease of refurbishment and the choice is crystal clear in pool windows.

AquaPlex stands out in the market with cutting edge technology, first class service and a commitment to quality. We look forward to discussing your projects needs with you!

Our Services

AquaPlex Australia carries out Australian standards and keeps in pace with international advanced technologies. Our products are complete in specifications: thickness from 10mm - 140mm and complete with certified engineering. Our products are applied to such fields as aquarium projects, residential and commercial swimming pool window construction projects.

Acrylic vs Glass

Acrylic is approximately 17 times stronger & 50% lighter than glass.
It is more impact resistant and optically superior to glass.
It offers 20% more insulation than glass, which reduces temperature fluctuations.
More versatile than glass, it offers limitless design potential.
Easy to refurbish.
Chemical bonding of joins for better viewing and outstanding presentation.
Freight, engineering, insurances, installation warranties included in price.
Shape: Cylindrical tank, square tank, Acrylic tunnel, Bow Acrylic design, Irregular shape, flat acrylic sheet.
Thickness: 10mm- 140mm in stock, special orders up to 500mm according to different water pressures or structural applications.
We now offer Australian made glass where called for from clients and architects
We offer a 30 year manufacturers guarantee

View PLEXIGLAS® & Warranty Information

PLEXIGLAS® is one of the world‘s most precious and versatile plastics: You meet PLEXIGLAS® every day, all your life. From aircraft construction and aircraft cabin windows to monitors and displays, as structural glazing, in noise barriers or in advertising, PLEXIGLAS® offers the tailormade, durably brilliant solution you are looking for.
It provides a clear view, lends shape and brilliance to a variety of objects, protects against rain, hail and stormy weather, withstands extreme pressure and heat, is break-resistant and faithfully reflects the world in all its colour.
PLEXIGLAS® has made a name for itself in items that make life easier and safer, more varied and exciting, and that need to meet very stringent requirements.

Be on the Safe Side with PLEXIGLAS® with the PLEXIGLAS® 30 year Guarantee:

Sunlight contains a large proportion of harmful UV radiation. Everyone who has ever suffered from sunburn knows that. UV radiation can cause dramatic changes in most plastics. They may turn yellow or brown, and become unsightly. When new, transparent plastics all look more or less the same. The nasty surprise often comes a few years later. Products that contain natural UV protection throughout the material are best equipped. PLEXIGLAS® with the special NATURALLY UV-STABLE technology has such natural protection.
PLEXIGLAS® retains high level of transparency. We guarantee th®®at PLEXIGLAS®sheets in Clear grade will retain a high level of light transmission for 30 years.
PLEXIGLAS® does not yellow visibly. We guarantee that PLEXIGLAS® sheets will show no visible yellowing for 30 years.
PLEXIGLAS® retains high level of transparency. We guarantee that PLEXIGLAS® sheets in Clear grade will retain a high level of light transmission for 30 years.
PLEXIGLAS® retains its combustion behaviour. We guarantee that PLEXIGLAS® will retain its fire behaviour even after 30 years of weathering.
PLEXIGLAS® Guarantees. Apart from the 30-year guarantee, we provide a number of other guarantees that refer to the special properties of various grades.

Supply & Installation

We stock cast acrylic PLEXIGLAS sheets in sizes ranging upto 8m(L) x3m(W) x120mm (T), panel thickness is supplied in 10mm increments. Where a size larger than this is required, we will bond separate panels together to the requested size. These bonds are seamless to the eye and are as strong as the panel.

Supply time is dependent on panel size and stock availability and location, but generally 7 to 21 days.

For more info on these processes please request.


pool window installation
Aquaplex Australia’s in house installers are specifically trained from commercial applications, experience and 35 years in the swimming pool industry. With Australian wide installations month after month, our competitive rates cannot be matched.

Working to meet your budget we adapt methods that are safe and budget conscious.

If you prefer to have confidence in the installation of your swimming pool window, request a no obligation quote today.

Our Work

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